Port Agency-(ML):

Marinelinks Shipping Agencies provides unmatched finest  services in this challenging field of Port Agency with its below strengths viz

•    Management and staff possessing sound knowledge of Global Shipping and Exim Trade coupled with local expertise and focus on providing the highest level of service with the lowest and competitive costs.

•    Accurate and timely furnishing of competitive PDAs and submission of Final DAs with Port Bills / Vouchers.

•    Excellent rapport with Port / Customs / Immigration / Quarantine depts. ensuring vessels Inward / Outward clearances and movements, seamless and smooth, with fastest turnaround of our Vessels.

•    Awareness of respective trades i.e. concerned Shippers / Receivers, their Clearing Agents (CHA), Stevedores the relevant Surveyors, local Shore Terminals ensure our  smooth co-ordination and communication in terms of Cargo Bookings / Readiness / Discharging / Loading as the case may be, and avoiding any undue idling of vessels.

•    Timely line up of competent cost effective vendors such as Stevedores / Dry Bulk Handling Equipments viz Slings, Grabs, Hooks, Harbour Mobile Cranes, Cargo Transporters, Ship Chandlers for various Ship Supplies in order to meet any pre-planned or last minute requirements of  vessels  at respective Indian ports.

•    Our ever vigilant operation team, while supervising the periodical cargo loading / discharging progress of vessels in port  on an hourly basis, also update the same to the concerned Owners / Charterers.

•    Our skilfully trained team exhibits promptness in terms declaration of vessels in port and trade, programming the vessel’s berthing / shifting if any / sailing, attendance on board and accurate pre arrival /arrival and departure / post sailing documentation.

•    Due diligence practised in obtaining rightfull and timely approvals / authorisation / instructions for  issuance of Bs/L  for Export Vessels and Cargo Delivery against Original Bs/L or suitable LOI in case of Import Vessels.